Phebra has appointed Flexipharm Austrading Limited as its exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom.

Phebra’s first product launch in the UK is Arsenic Trioxide Phebra (arsenic trioxide 1 mg/ml concentrate for solution for infusion). Arsenic Trioxide Phebra is an approved generic in the UK and is considered identical to the Australian registered product, Phenasen®.

Flexipharm Austrading is a UK-based specialty pharmaceutical company, committed to the supply of high quality injectable pharmaceutical products for critically ill patients. Flexipharm Austrading plays an active role across the UK healthcare spectrum, working primarily with hospitals to ensure reliable access to established medicines, for the benefit of patients.

The Flexipharm Austrading vision is to ensure timely, reliable, safe and convenient access to medicines, by providing security of ongoing supply, and ensuring the products meet all safety and harm minimisation requirements of NHS staff. Flexipharm Austrading seeks to make a meaningful difference to the lives of all patients in the UK.

The management team at Flexipharm Austrading is made up of highly experienced, dedicated and focused professionals. Flexipharm Austrading holds relevant licenses to operate as an importer and distributor of  medicines for human use in the UK. Flexipharm Austrading is responsible for all commercial activities in the UK and is working closely with Phebra on a series of product launches.

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