Sodium Bicarbonate (8.4%) Injection (100 mL)

Each vial of Sodium Bicarbonate Injection is a sterile solution containing 84 mg/mL sodium bicarbonate in water for injections. The excipients are disodium edetate, sodium hydroxide (for pH adjustment) and water for injections. Each mL of solution is equivalent to 1 mmol or 1 mEq of sodium and bicarbonate ions.

Used as an alkalinising agent in the treatment of metabolic acidosis. It is also used to increase urinary pH in order to increase the solubility of certain weak acids and in the treatment of certain intoxications to decrease renal absorption of the drug or to correct acidosis. Refer to Product Information for full indication.

  • Strength: 8.4 g in 100 mL (8.4%)
  • Package: 100 mL vial
  • Phebra Code: INJ127
  • Pack Size: 10 vials