Metaraminol Phebra Solution for Injection (metaraminol (as tartrate))

Each mL contains metaraminol (as tartrate) 0.5 mg. Each 10 mL vial contains 5.0 mg metaraminol (as tartrate), sodium chloride 90 mg, sodium metabisulfite 12 mg and water for injections to 10 mL. Tartaric acid and/or sodium hydroxide are added for pH adjustment.

Prevention and treatment of the acute hypotensive state occurring with spinal anaesthesia; adjunctive treatment of hypotension due to haemorrhage, reactions to medications, surgical complications, and shock associated with brain damage due to tumour or trauma. It may also be useful as an adjunct in the treatment of hypotension due to cardiogenic shock or septicaemia.

  • Strength: 5 mg in 10 mL (0.5 mg/mL)
  • Package: 10 mL vial
  • Phebra Code: INJ190
  • Pack Size: 5 vials