Esmolol Hydrochloride Injection (Brevibloc®)

Each vial of Brevibloc Injection contains esmolol hydrochloride 100 mg, sodium acetate trihydrate, acetic acid-glacial, hydrochloric acid, in water for injections to 10 mL.

For the rapid control of ventricular rate in patients with atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter in peri-operative, postoperative, or other emergent circumstances where short term control of ventricular rate with a short-acting agent is desirable. Brevibloc is also indicated in non compensatory sinus tachycardia where the rapid heart rate requires specific intervention.

  • Strength: 100 mg in 10 mL
  • Package: 10 mL vial
  • Phebra Code: INJ168
  • Pack Size: 5 vials