Droperidol Injection (Droleptan®) (2.5 mg)

Each ampoule of Droleptan Injection contains 2.5 mg droperidol, mannitol and tartaric acid in water for injections to 1 mL.

For tranquillisation and to reduce the incidence of nausea and vomiting in surgical and diagnostic procedures; for premedication, induction, and as an adjunct in the maintenance of general and regional anaesthesia; in neuroleptanalgesia where it is given concurrently with a narcotic analgesic; and for the management of severe agitation, hyperactivity, or aggressiveness in psychotic disorders. Refer to Product Information for full indication.

  • Strength: 2.5 mg in 1 mL
  • Package: 1 mL ampoule
  • Phebra Code: INJ080
  • Pack Size: 10 ampoules